Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy Friday!

Nothing of consequence has happened around here lately. Nothing blog worthy at least. It snowed here yesterday, a total of about 5 inches which is not totally unbearable. It all seemed to come down at once though, making the driving less than desirable.

Scotty spent most of the yesterday inside, munching on his hay buffet. Winds and small ice pellets made me feel more comfortable keeping him inside. After all, I'm fresh out of bubble wrap and heaven forbid he get another injury. I did let him out to stretch his legs for about an hour while I cleaned his stall. Boy did he stretch his legs!

Once the field road of doom is plowed and some of the snow is gone I will bring Scotty in to the vet for his knee xrays. He will be sedated and also have his teeth floated, perhaps spring shots will be in order as well. I am mentally calculating just how many Venti Skinny Carmel Latte's from Starbucks that equates to. Ramen Noodles are on the menu for the next few months for sure. Many of you have emailed asking how to help and where to donate: Again, I'm not one for soliciting donations but apparently Scotty has touched so many lives that some of you feel compelled to help.....

All donations can be sent directly to the vet clinic, and yes they do accept Credit Cards via phone.

Cleary Lake Vet Clinic
18577 Natchez Ave
Prior Lake, MN 55372
Attention: Scotty c/o Annie Gallus

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