Monday, February 16, 2009

It's a bird... it's a plane...

Yesterday was a nice day. I spent most of it at the barn grooming and doting over the horses. Not much to do really when the entire barn, pastures, and field road are glare ice. We've started dumping the used shavings into the pasture as the horses were having trouble walking up the slope to get to the water. It's horrible and I'm terrified something will happen to Scotty (or my other boys). Last winter my daughter's pony slipped on the ice and fractured his pelvis. This past weekend I took a digger outside the barn, landing on my hip and bumping my head. A minor concussion and a rather attractive bruise were the results. I almost feel I need to stuff my Carharts with pillows and and wear a crash helmet when I go out there these days.

I was taking pictures of the ponies yesterday as I usually do on the weekends. As I was shooting, I hear a noise from above. Off in the distance I see three Paragliders coming my way. Now, Minnesota is not the best place for paragliding. We have no mountains to catch the thermals and such. These turned out to be motorized paragliders - the same glider wing, only with a motor to keep them aloft. They preceded to fly in formation directly over our pasture and over my head at only a few hundred feet. How absolutely awesome is that? You just don't see such things in my neck of the woods. Of course the first thing I thought of was my friend Scotty Marion (my horse is named after him) and how he loved paragliding, ultimately losing his life doing it. I watched in awe as they passed over head. Only one of the 9 horses bothered to pay attention- Scotty (the horse) was busy burying his head in the round bale. His chestnut butt is next to the horse that is blanketed in the picture.

Call me crazy but since this horse has entered my life - I've experienced some strange things, all of which force the memory of my friend to the forefront of my mind. It's almost as if Scotty himself is saying "Hey, I'm still here".

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TBDancer said...

From the looks of "that chestnut butt," Scotty is gaining even more weight (and ground). You are doing a wonderful job with him, and he obviously is beginning to glow (and grow ;o) with all those groceries.

I've sent pictures of my horse to people I've met online and nearly all of them have talked about how "happy" Huey looks. He IS a happy boy. He was "peaky butted" when I got him (racing fit with a couple of weeks of not enough groceries, which was why he was purchased by the man who sold him to me), but it did not take him long to realize that this was a pretty good "tub of butter" he had fallen into and I was going to be a good Mom.

Same with Scotty and you ;o)

Enjoying the entries and reading about your adventure.

Keep up the good work!