Thursday, June 11, 2009

Almost goodbye

I know it's been too long since I've posted. Nothing of consequence has happened regarding Scotty, really. Seems I, much like a lot of people have fallen victim to the economy. Never thinking I'd be in this position, I found myself temporarily trying to find Scotty, Emmett and Bonnie new homes. Suddenly not knowing if I'd have the income to support as many horses as I have is a scary feeling. Luckily, I think everything has smoothed out and for the time being I'm secure once again. A relief for sure.

Scotty continues to do well. He is out on pasture now and loving life. I have concerns as he has a lump in his throat latch area. No, it's not strangles and yes I'm sure about that. I continue to worry about the fluid pocket on his knee, which has not increased in size any. He is not off, nor does he appear to be in any pain so I have not made it an "emergency". Lastly I still fret about the nerve damage in his hind end. The atrophy is significant. I'll have to call Holly and have her come out to massage. Everything, non emergency status, had been put on hold until other things in my life had been ironed out. Now I can refocus and start again on his treatment. WHEW.