Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Scotty

Never in all my years of owning horses have I ever thrown one of them a birthday party. It seems silly to me, actually. Just another day to Scotty. For me though, this one is a big deal.

On December 6, my friends and I physically lifted a severely emaciated 3 year old chestnut horse into the trailer. I remember preparing myself for the worst. Chances were slim he would even make it the 30 min trailer ride, much less survive overnight. He was so weak that his muscles trembled and he wobbled back and forth. I went into the mindset that he would most likely need to be euthanized but at least this way he'd die a dignified death. We couldn't get him into the vet clinic for two days so it was important for me to spoil him during that time. At least he'd know he was loved , if only for a short period of time. We blanketed him, fed him numerous small meals and all the hay he could handle. He was kept in a stall so he wouldn't expend energy. Slowly, over the next two days he began to come around, his eyes brightened, and his appetite increased. It was then I promised him I wouldn't give up on him.

Scotty has come a long way over the past 3 months. Certainly a cause for celebration.



TBDancer said...

Happy Birthday Scotty indeed. My own OTTB is going to be 15 for real on 2/27. I don't go "all out" on his birthday, but he does get extra goodies. ;o)

Your Scotty deserves many more happy birthdays and all the love and affection you and your friends can heap upon him.

Please give him a special pat or a nice carrot or apple from his "cousin" Huey.

Raduenz Family in Alaska said...

Fantastic! I am so proud of him and you. What a fabulous pair you have made from the beginning!

Caprice said...

This story made me cry. I don't understand how any living thing could possibly make another living thing suffer like Scotty did. It takes so little to treat an animal well, ie: plenty of good food, a warm, dry bed, respect & love.
Happy Birthday Scotty and many, many more! May God bless you Annie for saving Scotty!

mrscravitz said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY (a little late) SCOTTY! He is such a cutie pie! WOW, to come all this way from being so bad. It is so amazing how animals are resilient. They are so special!