Sunday, February 1, 2009

Playing Dress Up

Today was unusually warm (in the 30's WOW) so I figured it was time to actually do something with Scotty. His only jobs since he arrived on December 6 were to gain weight and try not to hurt himself. He has proved to excel at the first - not so great at the latter. Now it was time for him to branch out a bit and start earning his keep.

So I brought him in and tacked him up. Being a racehorse, who knows what I was going to encounter. I've been to the racetrack many times, I've seen horses flip over while being saddled in the paddock area. I've also heard stories of re-training OTTB's and this happening. FANTASTIC, I thought. So I took my time. There were no issues other than him losing his patience and moving around, oh... and the crabby faces he makes where he bites at the air. I slipped on the bridle and led him out to where the photo shoot was to take place. I handed off my camera to Kate and let her click away. I was happy with the results and overjoyed that I now had some decent pictures of Scotty and I. Normally I am on the other end of the camera.

Overall Scotty did really well. He was patient for the pictures and almost seemed like he was ready for me to get on him. We still have a ways to go before that will happen, and I was happy today just to play dress up.


Raduenz Family in Alaska said...

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog. I am so glad many horses have found you. My thoughts have been with you since you said good-bye, and congrats with Scotty and his dress-up day :)

TBDancer said...

My OTTB is one of those "rear-up and flip over backwards" horses, though he only did it twice, NEVER with a rider and ALWAYS with an eye on making certain no one was behind him.

He has learned that regardless of what is going on around him (or on his back ;o), he is to come FORWARD. I say that now to him, and he moves toward me. A good thing. If he's moving forward, he cannot be going up. (At least, if he COULD go up, he doesn't know that. God forbid he figure a way).

Scotty looks really good and you are to be congratulated on his weight gain. He is obviously happy where he is. He's not worrying (or shivering) off the weight.

Keep up the good work!

My rescue, a "warmblood in name only" named Ryan, is also gaining weight. He has two medium-weight turnouts (one to wear, one to spare) and is quite happy when the winds and snows blow.

TBDancer said...

I check your blog almost daily and look forward to hearing more about Scotty.

On rereading your dress-up entry again, I started to laugh because the dilemma of feeding to add weight (while keeping the horse from getting high as a kite) is one a lot of people face.

My rescue Ryan is adding weight, but he is certainly getting to be a pistol. He has a bad left hind ankle so he's only trail sound (at the walk and on level, soft ground, per the vet), but he forgets that when he's in the round pen and he's "FREE!!"

His ground manners are spot-on, however, and that makes MY life a lot easier.

Looking forward to your next entry.

Cheryl Ann said...

Scotty looks good! Congrats on your "dress up" day! I need to do that again soon with Gigondas, my rescue thoroughbred!

ID My Horse said...

Oh wow. Scotty reminds me of the horse I had when I was a child... i was 12 at the time, my Scotty was in his 20's...and just needed someone to love on him. I purchased that old man for the wholesale price of $1.oo (although i'm sure my mother paid a bit more)...

I had to triple check the age on your Scotty to make sure it wasn't the same horse. Same color, same blaze, same everything. I know my old boy is long gone by now, but the pictures still made my heart stop for a few minutes.

My Scotty was "Great Scott", also a TB from Turf Paradise. Never did much though, and he got lucky in that he was purchased and re-trained as a sane riding horse. By the time he was in his late teens/early 20's he was truckin around little kids like me.

I'll add your blog to my list... he's already shown so much improvement and his face ... you can just tell he knows he's been saved. What a doll.

Annie said...

ID - wouldnt that have been something if it were the same horse? My Scotty will be 4 on Feb 21. I might have to be one of "those horse owners" who throw a small party.

Raduenz Fam - Thanks for following my blog! I lived in Anchorage for about 5 years. Worked as an Air Traffic Controller at Merril Field. I'm not a fan of the cold, but it sure is beautiful up there. I miss the mountains.

mrscravitz said...

Playing Dress up with your horse is almost as good as going for a ride. Note: ALMOST as good. It is still fun. Scotty is totally adorable. I love the winter coats the horses get.
Love your stories.