Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A girl and her horse

I saw the eagle again yesterday while I was in the pasture hanging out with Scotty. He flew about 10 feet above our heads. I could see every little detail of his wings. Absolutely amazing!! Seeing him as frequently as I do now makes me wonder if it's not such a coincidence as I had once thought it was. Perhaps eagles are just more frequent these days and this one has a nest nearby. It's just strange that in all my years living in this town, never to have seen one until Scotty came around. And my goodness, how close they come!

My daughter was also out in the pasture giving Scotty his daily treats. I was able to catch it on camera and thought I'd share.

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TBDancer said...

Do you think that because you are keeping a sharp eye on Scotty that you are just becoming more observant outside? I am amazed at how observant my two horses are--and now I check things more carefully, too. The other day we were at the lesson site and Huey had the "hard body, snorting" posture of being ready to run away, run away (Monty Python ;o)

I never did figure out what it was that got him all in a twist, but we certainly had a zippy lesson for a few minutes ;o)

Darling pictures of Scotty and your daughter. I think he knows who his friends are ;o)

Keep writing. I am enjoying your Blog.