Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Equine Massage

Sorry for not writing lately. Sometimes I just get so busy with other things to even manage a few minutes to write. Sometimes I just forget.

Scotty is doing well and he had his first massage the other day. I had never seen this process and found it very interesting. I think Scotty seemed to like it. He's a fidgity horse and doesn't like to stand still much so I'm sure it was a challenge. He enjoyed his legs being rubbed and had the most unusual reaction to the "tail pulling". He looked surprised and confused, then when she released he hunched his back and lifted his legs like he was stretching or readjusting. Since the massage he seems to be moving more freely. His hindquarter nerve damage is going to take some work though. I'll be lining up a few more massages as cash permits.

If you are in the Southwest metro area of Minneapolis and are looking for equine massage, please check out Holly Chumas. Her website is www.neoblumassage.com . I highly recommend her - she is the sweetest lady, is extremely good with horses and she does a lot of racetrack work. I can't say enough about her.

On a side note: Race trainer Justin Evans, responsible for ruining Scotty,(along with drugging & injuring numerous others) is now licensed in New Mexico after being suspended from training at Turf Paradise in Arizona. I'm wondering when the Racing Commission will wake up and stop licensing these cheaters? I can't wait to see if he returns to Canterbury this summer. Heaven forbid he run into me on the backside.


TBDancer said...

Ah, my OTTB Huey a "trainer" like that in HIS past as well. I've written about this guy before. His brother is a well known jockey.

This guy is in the "Southeast" circuit, having left California because he doesn't like all the rules here. California is no paragon of racing virtue by any stretch--lots of abuse going on behind the scenes. But this guy is quoted as saying he didn't like all the people "looking over his shoulder" and he's happier in Louisiana and places like that where he can do what he wants.

Huey had a lot of confidence issues when I got him--I had to learn where all the buttons were and which ones NOT to push. I'm sure, because time is money on the track, this jackass didn't TAKE time to let Huey get used to new things. He pushed and prodded and created a "right mess."

Thank God SOMEONE saw the goodness beneath the terrified exterior that was my Huey and sent him to be reschooled rather than to become lunch du jour. I'm sure if it had been left to the trainer, he would have shot the horse himself.

There's a special Hell for people like these two guys. Trust me.

Annie said...

Your Huey sounds a lot like Scotty. He likes it when I go slow with him and let him thing things are his idea. It makes me so mad having to "fix" all the trauma that someone else inflicted. Rebuilding confidence, repairing nerve damage, etc. It's sick to know that these assholes don't care at all for the horses. It was overheard that Justin Evans called my horse worthless more than a few times, even after he won over $38000. I intend to tell Justin just how worthless he is once he returns to MN to race. Should be interesting. I love reading your responses. Thank you for posting, it's comforting to know that someone else has gone through some similar situations. Hugs to Huey.

TBDancer said...

Huey got his hugs, and thank you.

I will share a little story with you about the massages. We used to have a vet here named Char Brandt. She was from KY and LOVED TBs. She was also an acupuncturist (did that as well as the traditional medicine). Huey loved her and we had two acupuncture sessions to see if they would help with Huey's hinky back.

Char told me once, as Huey was drooling, sound asleep but standing up and stuck all over with acupuncture needles, that I should NEVER have him massaged before I entered the dressage ring.

"You will find yourself riding a puddle of goo," she said. And she laughed.

She was right, of course. Huey falls asleep when he's being groomed, too. Just loves the "fussing."

With luck and some additional sessions with your massage gal, I bet Scotty is going to start looking forward to more adventures. Your ideas will be BETTER than his ideas, and he'll soon be showing you all his "goo potential."

Treats and kisses to Scotty from me and Huey. And keep writing. I love your blog.

SNOWBALL said...

Please, listen to this advice. If Mr. Evans was the trainer of record, therefore the one responsible for the care of this horse, contact the Minnesota Racing Commission and tell them this story. States are taking a hard stand against "dumping" racehorses. There were articles in racing publications this week about Mass. banning a trainer and an owner who did this. If the owner did not know about it, (probably was told a story by Mr. Evans) they will not be in trouble. This type of behavior has to stop and from other accounts I have heard is not the first time it has happened. Anyone who would do that does not deserve to have a trainer's license.