Saturday, December 20, 2008

Winter Wonderland

It's snowing again today. Twenty degrees and a beautiful winter wonderland outside. We could be getting up to 6 inches today. It makes for crappy roads and I'm fairly certain that people forget how to drive.

I pulled out my old ripped up turnout blanket from the attic this morning. I have been using a couple of non-waterproof stable blankets on Scotty. Great for keeping him warm in the barn, but he so wants to be outside. I proceeded to mend the giant hole with packing tape. HAHAHA who am I kidding? Oh well, hopefully it will work until I can order him a new turnout. Finding a decent one without mortgaging my house has proved to be a challenge. I'm too picky as I'm sure it wouldn't matter to Scotty as long as he was warm and dry. After his breakfast I let him out and he promptly rolled. To my amazement the packing tape held.

I was recently asked by a non-horsey friend "Why do you spend so much time and money on these horses? You can't possibly save them all."
I was reading another blog soon after and came across this story I'd like to share. I have heard it before but until now, I had forgotten about it. It makes perfect sense.

A man was walking along the beach. Ahead of him, he saw a woman dancing in the waves. As he got closer, he saw that she was throwing starfish, who had been stranded by the low tide, back into the ocean. "What are you doing?" he said to the woman. "I'm saving these starfish," she replied. The man laughed. "There are thousands of starfish along this beach who will die today. You cannot throw them all back in. You cannot possibly make a difference." The woman threw another starfish back in, and laughed. "It made a difference to that one."


TBDancer said...

Ah, the Search for the Perfect Blankey.

I just ordered a midweight turnout from Schneider Saddlery for my rescue horse, Ryan. I like the Euro cut (deeper on the sides), tail flaps, removable leg straps, criss-cross surcingles (HATE the "California Closure"--"girth strap" and two leg straps that attach on either side), and shoulder gussets. The company has reasonable prices, the sheets and blankets are "worth repairing" if something should happen.

Ryan is 17hh with withers like a shark fin. Huey, my OTTB, is 16hh and has a "normal wither"--both horses are very "deep" from spine to tummy, and everything I've bought for each horse has fit very well.

Their website is Check it out.

Annie said...

Awesome! Thanks for the tip. I will go check it out. It is so nasty out tonight. Wind chill is dipping double digits below zero. I'm not a big fan of MN winters.

Cheryl said...

HOW TRUE! I've saved 3 myself (not counting our two mustangs!) Oh, gosh! I can't even imagine MN winters! Brrrrrrr!!!!!! Happy Holidays to you, Annie!