Wednesday, December 31, 2008


That's it! I'm buying stock in whoever makes bubblewrap. In all of my recent years of owning Appy's QH's, Morgans, Arabs, etc - I have completely forgotten just how fragile TB's are. It's been a long time since I've rehabbed one, never keeping them long enough to bond. It's different with Scotty. It's nearly been a month and I'm already a basketcase.

After the emergency trip to the vet due to the edema in his back legs, I have been overly protective. The edema has gone away with turnout, however, turnout has brought on it's own challenges. Each day a new scratch or cut surfaces. Normal I know, especially with a fairly new herd environment. Monday night I arrived at the barn to a 3-legged horse. He could barely walk, hopping and favoring his right front leg. I managed to get him into the barn and searched for swelling or heat only to find nothing. Upon pulling his blanket back I noticed something not quite right about the elbow. He was reluctant to put weight on that leg at all but when he did, it appeared normal. When he rested it, the elbow came out at an odd angle, almost looking dislocated. Again I felt around and there was no heat, no swelling and no apparent sign of trauma. I decided since it was later in the evening to wait it out until morning, then call the vet. I snapped a couple pictures for good measure, gave him some bute and tucked him in.

Morning came and he was putting weight on it. I led him around the barn isle and although he was still "off", the limp was less significant. A good sign although his elbow still looked abnormal. I called the vet and emailed them the pictures. It was decided that a farm call was not necessary and I was to monitor his progress for three days. If there were no signs of improvement, I should bring him in for digital xrays. Fantastic - more stall rest.

This morning he is better. Still favoring the leg but there is an improvement. Perhaps because he is so bony, the way he rests his leg causes it to jut out in an abnormal position. Maybe it is only a muscle pull. I'm hoping so. He's extremely crabby being couped up in his stall. He tosses his head and bites at the air, swishing his tail in frustration. I snicker to myself because I'm happy to keep him inside with the recent weather changes. Ice, blizzard, and now frigid cold. He'd be happier outside, I'm sure, but it's for my own piece of mind knowing he's safely tucked in.

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TBDancer said...

I've had the two horses side by side since May 2. Huey is my OTTB and Ryan is a former big-time jumper with a badly healed fracture, his left rear ankle.

Yesterday for the first time I went to the round pen to get Ryan and I still had Huey in tow. I have seen what happens when horses "meet" each other under new circumstances (first time "at liberty," etc.), and I was careful not to stand in front of anyone.

They behaved like gentlemen. No striking, no squealing, no silliness. I think part of the reason is that they have had seven-plus months of "side by side" (the paddocks and stalls are separated by pipe panels with stud wire welded). They see and smell each other but can't get hold of anything.

Horses being horses, though, you never know how someone is going to react when the barriers are down, so to speak.

Scotty is like most horses, though--if he's going to hurt himself, he might as well go all the way.

As I wrote on the Ice Trucker blog, bubble wrap IS a very good idea.