Friday, December 12, 2008

Baby Steps

Today was a huge step forward in Scotty's rehab. When he first arrived he was lethargic and week. It took four of us to get him in the trailer for the ride to our barn. We pretty much had to lift him in the trailer... all 803 lbs of him.. foot by foot. I had my reservations weather he would even make the 25 minute trailer ride home.

He's been on stall rest for a week. Poor boy. I couldn't imagine being almost 4 and couped up all day with only two 15 minute daily walks. Vets orders, sorry Scotty! This afternoon it was warm enough for him to go behind the barn - a big step up... the size of two box stalls! I move his heated water bucket and toss him some hay while he happily munches his mid-day grain. He's happy to be outside. This way he gets to socialize with the other horses and get some fresh air but still not expend too much energy. Our hand walking sessions have consisted of a nearly half mile round trip amble. It's been slow, sometimes I have to coach him along. I usually bore him with whatever drama happened that day. On our way up the hill back to the barn I pick up a jog and pretend we are on the homestretch at the track. I am the announcer and he is the longshot in front by 5 lengths. It's silly, I know. I'm the one jogging and he's a the end of the lead, slowly walking behind me.

Tonight a friend brought out some donated alfalfa. A HUGE thank you! As we were taking Scotty for his evening walk - we had just past the tree line and all of a sudden he perked up and started trotting. WHAT??? Where did this come from? We continued our loop and on our way back he pranced nearly the entire way, much like he was in a paddock area at the track. I had to use every bit of energy to hold him back. It was AWESOME!!! What a drastic change from even just that morning.

Tomorrow he gets his one week pictures taken. I will post them on this blog so you can all see his progress. The picture posted in today's blog was taken when I first saw him.

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