Monday, December 15, 2008

The Eagle & the Gift

I am not religious. Spiritual, yes... religious no. I am not someone who prays on a regular basis. I joke that I attend the Church of the Holy Mattress - with Father Pillow. I'm not sure what it is about Christmas though.. maybe just the season - everyone seems happy, going about their business even as our economy sinks further into the pooper. I tend to get sentimental and reflect on the good things in life, blessings I guess. I mentioned I don't pray on a regular basis - for me it's more like wishing on a star or talking to my dead friends, asking them for help. I realize I probably sound like a crazy old bat right now. Hey, it works for me.

The day after Scotty came home I had an amazing experience. I have mentioned before (I think) that he was given his name in memory of my friend Scotty Marion, who went missing over the Swiss Alps 4 years ago while paragliding. I miss him dearly. Scotty had an amazing passion for life and would light up a room immediately when he walked into it. People were drawn to him. In a small way I felt that naming this horse after him, perhaps they would share the same love for life and maybe it would give this gelding a little extra fight. Anyway, I was driving out to the barn the day after Scotty came home. I live in semi-suburbia and the barn is 3 miles from my house. It is not uncommon to see deer, raccoons, etc around there, but I have never seen an Eagle in my 9 years in this town. EVER. For some reason I felt compelled to talk out loud to my dead friend Scotty. I can only imagine what the drivers next to me were thinking. I had stopped at a light and no sooner did I finish discussing the situation with the gelding, asking him for help, and telling him I missed him dearly - a gigantic bald eagle came soaring toward my driver side window. I watched as he passed, almost in slow motion, two feet above my truck. Amazing. It instantly brought me back to memories of my friend Scotty and I watching the bald eagles soar over the mountains in Alaska, where we both lived for a while. Immediately after it passed I got an overwhelming feeling that everything was going to be ok. That Scotty was looking out for HIS horse.

The season brings out many miracles and blessings. In my attempt to track down Scotty's identity I managed to get a positive ID from the previous owner. In the mean time I had also emailed the breeder asking for specifics. I sent the pictures I had taken of him the day I saw him, hoping they could ID him. They did. After a few emails back and forth, I told them his story and how thankful I was for them to take the time to write me back. This barn is a BIG SHOT facility - they have Preakness winners, all I wanted was help identifying him. They went above and beyond. Not only did they take the time to email me, but they called me directly and demanded that I immediately give them the name of my feed store, the type of feed I was using and what brand of wormer I needed. They would take care of me they said. It was the least they could do they said.

I was overwhelmed with emotion - Only to have that compounded by the thought of the other people who have donated to his recovery and those who have expressed interest in helping out. Even with our economy in the toilet, people are so generous. After seeing what happened to Scotty (and previously Maggie) I had all but lost faith in people. After seeing how so many people have banded together to help - My faith has been restored. I am not religious, but God Bless you all!!!

People have emailed requesting that I post where donations should be sent. I feel uncomfortable soliciting donations as I knowingly took this responsibility on myself. However since it was requested, if you feel compelled to help please send checks directly to his Vet Clinic. Make sure to note that it's for Scotty. I believe you can also call w/ a CC number if you chose that route.

Cleary Lake Equine/Small Animal Hospital
18577 Natchez Ave
Prior Lake, MN 55372


Cheryl said...

What a wonderful sign the eagle was! Yes, I do believe you are right about it! Our daughter had a good friend in high school who was killed when his car ran into a tree up in the mountains. One day, she and I were out by the freeway, driving to LA. A beautiful cloudburst was seen and I just KNEW it was Trent, letting us know he was okay. He was a wonderful young man and she cared for him deeply. I am glad you saw the eagle!

Annie said...

I'm so happy someone can relate. I was afraid that everyone would think I was eight shades of crazy. It's amazing when things like that happen. I've only experienced it twice in my life.... each time I just KNEW.

TBDancer said...

Well, if you're 8 shades of crazy, you are among friends. ;o)

My own rescue story started with the discovery of the lip tattoo five months after I bought the horse (I thought the racing tattoo was on the GUM rather than the lip) and a call to the AQHA who steered me to The Jockey Club and a very nice lady who, for a fee, sent me my horse's pedigree and breeder information.

I contacted the breeders (in Paris, KY) who sent me a nice letter with background about their farm, "Huey's" dam, and a foal picture of him (4.5 months of age) and a picture of "mama."

There are signs everywhere, if we are just willing to look for them. I am not a churchgoer, but I believe--and I am very "observant" ;o)

I look forward to more of Scotty's adventures. Love his bright orange blanket ;o)