Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Nap time

Yesterday reached over 90 degrees and I love it. Scotty enjoyed basking in the sunshine most of the day. Sleeping flat out on his side. The only movement on his body that let me know he was alive was his tail swishing at the occasional bug. We've had some crazy winds here lately too. At least it keeps most of the insects away.

One of Scotty's favorite past times I've found is playing in the water tank. He will submerge his entire face and splash around. I think if the tank were large enough he'd climb right in. He also enjoys being sprayed with the hose while I'm filling the water tank up. I'll spray and he'll back right into it... turning from side to side, which ever he feels needs to be soaked. Must be a residual of his racing days.

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend. I'm heading off horse-camping sans Scotty. Hopefully this temporary break from his routine won't throw him off too much.

To all of you who read my small little blog - have a wonderful weekend!

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Tanner said...

sterlingblurYour horses look great, but it just sickens me to see what Scotty looked like when you got him. Imagine him trying to make it thru the cold nights. GGRRR!! jPlus since I know the former trainer well, it really p-sses me off. Thanks for giving him such a good home. Sorry about Little Girl.