Monday, April 13, 2009

First ride

Once again, too much time has passed since I blogged last. Scotty is doing well, the field road of doom has dried up and the weather is nearing 60. Yesterday was Easter and I was able to spend the entire day at the barn. It started with grooming, clipping and then riding. Everyone got their turn, including Scotty. I went a bit nuts with the clippers and shaved his entire face. I also decided to ride.

So this was our first official ride since the last time I hopped on his back was only for a picture. After a few uncoordinated bucks on the lunge line I hopped on. Luckily I have the laziest horse on the planet - all he wanted to do was walk. He stood dead still while I got on and we walked and did a bit of trotting. He was such a good boy and really seemed to enjoy it.


TBDancer said...

Oh, he just looks like such a trooper! And do I spy a bit of a tummy on him??

A horseman once told me, "Every horse needs groceries and a job to do," and Scotty is getting everything he needs.

Glad you're back blogging. Missed reading about Scotty and his progress.

Caprice- said...

I missed you! I was nearly thinking the worst. So glad Scotty is well and you got to ride a bit. The weather is getting warmer so time to clip for me too! It's going to be 90 here this weekend so I have 3 dogs and 2 horses to clip. Those darn sheep are on their own!!!
Have a super weekend!