Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Visit

I don't have much to say today. Nothing really exciting has happened as of late. I think this is a good thing. We have been in a deep freeze here with temps soaring as low as minus 27. This does not take into account the wind chill factor which brought the number down to about minus 50. Fantastic. The cold weather makes me crabby and my trips to the barn consist of only things that absolutely have to be accomplished. No time for grooming, treats or lolly gagging. Pretty much it's all business.

Today it was much warmer, possibly in the twenties. It felt like a heat wave so I spent much of the day at the barn. The blankets came off and the horses ran around and rolled. At one point Scotty ran to the end of the pasture and somehow his hip gave out. Certainly a result of his botched nerve block. Down he went. He struggled for a bit to get up and when he did he galloped back up to the barn, and where I was standing. Later I noticed his knee was a bit puffy. Fantastic. Always something with that horse. I again started to worry.

As I was gathering my things to leave the barn I noticed a rather large bird circling to the east. As it came closer I saw it was a bald eagle. This was my second sighting in 9 years of living around here. Second sighting in ONE month, both associated with Scotty. The large bird soared right over my head. I had my camera in hand so I snapped a few pictures. It stuck around for a few minutes and flew away. In the one picture you can see the eagle flying in the sky behind Scotty while he ate. It looks like a black dot in the sky.

Maybe it's a coincidence, maybe not.

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deserthorses5 said...

WE went visiting this weekend! Come see what we found! (It's the post about the longhorns)