Monday, April 20, 2009

Such a good boy!

Today was hoof trimming day. Only 5 weeks ago I nearly begged my farrier to return after Scotty made such a scene. He wouldn't stand still, and each time the farrier started filing his hoof, he'd rear up. We were lucky to accomplish anything at all that day.

I was dreading today. I adore my farrier and he does such a wonderful job. Takes his time and is very, very anal - almost to the point where you want to hurry him along. Bless his heart he is patient. Today I brought Scotty in and immediately was reminded of his last temper tantrum.. damn, I thought he might have forgotten. Luckily, Scotty was an absolute saint. He stood for all 4 feet like a pro, unlike his previous few episodes. My farrier even was able to take the time to show me how well his hoof wall was repairing and how much heel he had gained. Scotty was very relaxed the entire time. I'm such a proud mom.


Cheryl Ann said...

I know how you feel. Sunni, my gelding, is a real pill! I need to work with him on this. Also, Cali, one of our mustangs, won't stand still! So, I need to work with her!!! Time...I wish I had more time!

TBDancer said...

Scotty IS a good boy, and he is looking VERY good, too. Love that picture. Mr. "All That" ;o)

I'm lucky in that my OTTB is a very good boy about his feet--I even clean them from just one side, reaching under from the left to get the hooves on the right. The rescue has issues with his badly heeled left hind, so I can't clean him that way, but I can lift both hind feed up enough to clean his hooves, and the shoer and his assistant work together to trim the hinds since Ryan cannot tolerate the pressure of that badly heeled ankle on the shoer's knee (so the shoer can use both hands with the nippers).

Keep working with your horses in between shoeings, ladies, and you will see a difference. It's the same as training for anything else.

Trust me ;o)